The Prices of the Pension

Prices shown include accommodation, food (Royal Canin brand), as well as litter.
Rates remain the same throughout the year.

  • 1 to 17 days – 20 € / day
    (10 € / day per extra chat)
  • 18 to 31 days – 16 € / day
    (8 € / day per additional chat)
  • More than 31 days – decreasing price
    (contact us)


  • Médication and care

  • Daily brushing for long haired cats

  • Eye care

  • We keep the transport crate


  • Flea / tick – 10 € per treatment

  • Vermifuge – 10 € per treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes ! Single rooms can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same family if they get along well.
Of course. If your cat has special dietary habits, we adapt to it without any problem.
For any reservation, the health book of the cat is obligatory. If his illness is not transmissible and we can take care of him, he can be accommodated. If cat disease is contagious, we will unfortunately not be able to receive it.
Each room is individual. This means that your cat has his own food, his own space and his own litter. However, he is not cut off from the world. A door allows him to go out in his private garden, and see the other residents through the fence. If necessary, the pet door can be closed to completely isolate your cat.

Accommodation conditions

  • Any pre-reservation will be validated only after reception of the payment of the deposit (30% of the price of the stay) and this within a period of 8 days as from the request.

  • Any cancellation must be made at least 30 days before the beginning of the stay to give the right to the reimbursement of the deposit. Apart from this, the deposit can not be refunded, regardless of the reason.

  • The fact that the owner provides himself the food of his cat will not lead to any reduction on the price.

  • All reserved days will be charged in case of late arrival or early departure of the animal.

  • The duration of the stay is counted from the date of arrival (from 14h to 19h) to the date of departure (from 8h to 12h).

  • The day of departure will not be charged if you pick up your cat before 12 o’clock.

The formalities for your cat:
Your cat will come with his health book and his identification certificate.

Indeed, on arrival at Le Chalet, vaccines against Typhus, Coryza and Leucosis must be up to date, a vermifuge administered (less than three months old), a treatment against external parasites (ticks and fleas) administered at least 10 days before arrival. Otherwise, it will be administered a dewormer and a pest pipette at the expense of the owner (see tariff).

Your cat must be identified according to the new law of January 2012 (tattoo or microchip).

The health card will be kept at the pension during the stay.

The suitcase of your cat:
Your cat will be able to bring everything he deems necessary for his stay:

In order for your cat to feel at home and because we offer individual rooms, your cat can bring his personal belongings.

He can put in his suitcase, cushion, favorite games, and even his diet.

In case of medical treatment, we provide the veterinarian’s prescription and sufficient medication for the duration of the stay.

In addition to his suitcase, the cat can also leave us his transport case at no extra cost.

The formalities for the master:
Upon arrival, we will ask you to fill out an information form and a booking contract.

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